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At Sailing Virgins, having people love their experience sailing is why we exist. Our startup depends on friends telling friends, and it’s always great when the bigger review sites know too.

As such, five star reviews are hugely helpful for our business. We really appreciate your spending the time to do this.

It should take a couple of minutes. Once you write the first one simply cut and paste your same message for the others.

If you do not feel you can give five stars, please let me know what the issue is and I will do our utmost to fix it.

Thanks again!

  1. Facebook: good place to start if you are on social. No worries if you’re not.
  2. Tripadvisor: this one is the most important. If you only have time for one this is it!
  3. Google: this should take you right there.
  4. Trustpilot: this should take you right there.

review sailing virgins thank you

James, Jack and the Sailing Virgins crew

ps. feel free to mention your instructor by name!