Madeira, Portugal

April to October

Embark on our 7-day intensive sailing course in the stunning Madeira archipelago and emerge as a proficient sailor. With expert guidance and hands-on training in Madeira's inviting waters, you'll experience a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. The archipelago's varied and engaging coastlines offer striking natural beauty, hidden coves, and dramatic cliffs, making it an ideal setting for honing your skills. Uncover the thrill of sailing, make lasting memories, and connect with like-minded individuals as you chart your course towards becoming a confident sailor in this remarkable Atlantic paradise.


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Course includes
Professional Instructor
Accomodation on board
Сoncomitant fees
Food & wine on board
What to wear
Non-Marking Sneakers
Wet Weather Clothing
Course preparation
Complete the course checklist
Read your studying material
Course certifications
Beginner (ASA - 101/103)
Intermediate (ASA – 103/104)
Advanced (ASA - 105/106)
Cat ASA 114 + (Int/Adv)

Sample itinerary

Day by day plan
Day 1: Saturday
Arrive at the Marina do Funchal, Madeira Island, to meet your fellow sailors and the instructor. You will receive a safety briefing and will have some time to get comfortable on the boat. Afterwards we will head sail to Caniçal where you will spend the night at anchor.
Day 2: Sunday
Porto Santo Island
Wake up to the sound of the Atlantic Ocean and start your day with a beautiful mountain hike. Head out for a 4-hour sail to Porto Santo Island where you can find beautiful beaches and ideal sailing conditions.
Day 3: Monday
Porto Santo Island
Deepen your sailing skills in the consistently excellent sailing conditions and protected waters of Porto Santo Island. You will also have time to enjoy the beaches here - they may surprise you!
Day 4: Tuesday
Desertas island
After breakfast you will sail from Porto Santo to the national park of Desertas island, a sanctuary of the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal. An exciting downwind run full of adrenaline and top speeds will be the highlight of your sailing week.
Day 5: Wednesday
Enjoy the calm of the appropriately-named Desertas Islands before heading back to the main island of Madeira. Today’s destination: the port town of Calheta. You will also have the chance to visit Cabo Girão where you can step on the famous glass platform on 580 meters overlooking the cape.
Day 6: Thursday
Today we will visit one of the world famous levadas (mountain walks) for a breath of pure fresh mountain air to contrast with the ocean breezes during the week. You will also have your final sailing lessons before we will spend the night on anchor in Funchal.
Day 7: Friday
Marina do Funchal
On our last day, it is time to take your ASA exams. Afterwards we will sail back to the marina in Funchal and the group will head for a delicious local dinner one last time. The course finishes the following morning. You will receive a debrief and be anointed an ex-Virgin!
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