Tahiti Catamaran Course

Young Entrepreneur Event + Catamaran Course

Are you looking for a catamaran course that allows you to learn sailing, receive international certification, meet some other adventurous souls, have a party or two and sleep in comfort? We have crafted this Tahiti Catamaran Course with you in mind. We have some of China’s brightest young entrepreneurs enrolled in this course, and have very limited places left.

To make this the best catamaran course in the Pacific, we have combined the features shown below. Click here to go directly to the product page to check pricing and availability:

New, 2019 Lagoon 52′ Catamaran

The course will run on a new, French-built Lagoon 52. The Lagoon 52 comfortably sleeps twelve people. It offers a huge central living space, sun-lounges and six ensuite toilet/showers.

tahiti catamaran

True Adventure

At Sailing Virgins we’re all about balancing sailing, with relaxing, with any kind of land-based adventure we can find. Feel like a day reading a book? No problem. Want to climb to the top of an island? Let’s do it. We mix in world-class sailing instruction with full-on adventure, all on a luxurious French-built boat, in paradise.

tahiti route

World Class Instruction

Sailing Virgins has the best reputation for instruction in the business (according to TrustPilot, TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook reviews). This is largely due to the calibre of our instructors. The Tahiti Catamaran Course features Sailing Virgins’ Founding Instructor, Australian James Kell, and English sailing legend Rupert Covell.

Youtube-renowned, Yacht Week veterans and with the highest instructor qualifications, James and Rupert will personally take you through the paces. You will work towards an internationally recognised sailing qualification with the American Sailing Association.

rupert bucketlust sailing virgins instructor

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Summary: Most Probably the Pacific Ocean’s Best Catamaran Course

This course features a beautiful, new, 52′ Catamaran, fantastic food and wine, and world-class instruction with an instructor/student ratio of 1:5. You will sail in the exquisite waters of French Polynesia. The Sailing Virgins Tahiti Catamaran Course is certainly the best on offer in Tahiti, and probably the best catamaran course in the Pacific Ocean.


The next available course begins on February 7th, 2019, in Raiatea, Tahiti.

Click here to go to the product page to secure your place.