Premium Cork Yoga Mat


A natural cork and rubber yoga mat.


The Sailing Virgins Premium Cork Yoga Mat

Here is our favourite yoga mat. Why do we love it? The cork feels great. The natural rubber underlay keeps it perfectly flat. Here are a few more things to say about this awesome mat:

  • Kind to the body. No harsh chemicals.
  • Always lays flat. Roll it out and it’s flat as a pancake.
  • Eco-friendly. A blend of cork and natural rubber.
  • Rugged. The materials are strong.
  • Anti-microbial. No smells either.
  • Never slip. Top or bottom, this thing stays put.
  • Comfortable. It’s yoga-on-a-cloud. Almost.
  • Rolls up nice & tight. Take it with you.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 26 in