The Sailing Virgins Premium Catamaran Course

Is this The World’s Best Catamaran Course?

What if you’d like to learn how to sail a catamaran, but would like to do it in real comfort? We have crafted this Premium Catamaran Course with you in mind. To make it the best catamaran course in the world, we have combined the features shown below. Click here to go directly to the product page to check pricing and availability:

New, Award-Winning Catamaran

The course will run on a late model (less than three years old), French built Lagoon 42 or 450. The Lagoon 42 and 450 comfortably sleeps eight people and two crew.

lagoon 42 premium catamaran course
2018 Lagoon 42 (image: Lagoon Catamarans)

Designed and built in France, the Lagoon 42 is the winner of no less than four international awards.

lagoon 42 awards


A Sailing Virgins hostess will prepare all your meals on board.

hostess vegetarian meals
Image Credit: Robert Perry and The Yacht Week

Premium Food & Drinks On Board

You will have epic sundowners, with premium wines and spirits included.

World Class Instruction

According to TrustPilot, TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook reviews, Sailing Virgins has the best reputation for instruction in the business. This is largely due to the calibre of our instructors. The Premium Catamaran will feature a Sailing Virgins’ Senior Instructor.

sailing virgins adventure sailing courses caribbean

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5. Welcome Kit

Upon booking, students receive a welcome kit containing a Sailing Virgins 20L waterproof duffel bag and an assortment of Sailing Virgins apparel.

sailing virgins bag

Summary: Most Probably the World’s Best Catamaran Course

This course features a beautiful Catamaran, fantastic food and wine served by an on-board hostess, world-class instruction with a instructor/student ratio of 1:4 and a comprehensive welcome kit. You will sail in the exquisite waters of the British Virgin Islands. This means Sailing Virgins Premium Catamaran Course is certainly the best on offer in the Caribbean, and probably the best catamaran course in the world.


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