When upping your sailing game, the boat you train on is important. Many schools prefer to give tired old boats to students. However at Sailing Virgins we love to sail. We ourselves prefer to sail good boats than slow old cruisers. And we figure that if you’re improving your skills, you would prefer to do it on a decent boat.

For this reason our flagship boat is Libertas, a Beneteau First 40 Racer/Cruiser.  We also have a variety of other boats in our fleet that we can call upon if you’re interested such as luxury catamarans, mono-hauls, smallboat cruisers and Hobiecats.

Our Flagship: Libertas – Beneteau First 40

Libertas is a Beneteau First 40 racer/cruiser. The First range of Beneteaus are made in France and are legendary amongst sailors for their sailing performance.

libertas beneteau first 40 spinnaker

…most images thanks to Yacht Shots BVI

Key Stats on Libertas

  • Beneteau First 40, made in France
  • Designer: Farr Yacht Design
  • Length Over All: 12.58m (41′)
  • Hull Beam: 3.89m (14′)
  • CE Certification: A12, B12, C14
  • 12 person liferaft with Hydrostatic Release
  • EPIRB+
  • Spectra Cape Horn Extreme watermaker
  • Recharging through photo-voltaic panels
  • Berth length: 1.95m (6’5″)
  • Three double berths, two singles
  • One electric heads (toilet)
  • Fresh water capacity 200L (53 gallons)
  • Fuel tank capacity 130L (34 gallons)
  • Yanmar 40hp inboard sail-drive diesel engine
  • Light displacement 7,900kg (17,600 pounds)
  • Winner, RORC Caribbean 600, 2014
  • Winner, Land Rover Winter Series, 2014
  • Winner, Rolex Sydney Hobart (IRC3), 2013


Why We Like Libertas

1. She’s Fun – The First 40 is designed more for sailing. More for sailing than for sitting on anchor. Most cruising boats are designed to sit on anchor, as they are only sailed very rarely. For a First 40, her design is all for sailing. As a result she is a joy to sail: light on the wheel and snappy to tack.

2. She’s Fast – First 40’s have won their class in major sail races around the world. They can point higher and with a great light weight, can usually smoke similarly sized boats in any race around the marks.

3. She’s Comfortable – Speed usually comes at a price of comfort. However the First 40 is designed and built in France. Maybe for this reason, it doesn’t look like a kitchen out of the 80’s. Rather she has simple, minimalist, clean lines, inside and out. With 3 berths, a full saloon/galley and electric head, she can hold up to 8 passengers in style.

4. She’s Renewable – We have installed an array of six 120W panels on a lightweight bimini. This provides around a constant average charge of 20A for our DC system during the day – enough to keep the batteries charged without having to use the engine.

libertas beneteau first 40 saloon

Above: Inside the saloon area.

A tour around Libertas: The cabins: Libertas has three double cabins: a cabin up front (the forepeak) and two aft. Two additional sleeping quarters can be formed in the saloon with minimal effort. The heads (aka toilet): the heads is electric, saving the need to manually pump every time you need to go. The galley (aka kitchen): gas-powered oven/stove unit, refrigerator, it is high-level camping style cooking. The cockpit: a large, open area compared to similarly sized boats with a bimini protecting sailors from the sun.

 Aerial flyby of Libertas leaving port

libertas beneteau first 40 inside

Above: Inside the fore-peak cabin

libertas beneteau first 40

Above: sailing towards Jost van Dyke


Libertas has provided us with a lot of great times sailing. As a result we love her. We hope you can experience her first hand.