NauticEd Online Sailing Lessons

At Sailing Virgins we exist to turn adventurous young people into great sailors. Our job is made much more effective if the way you learn your theory aligns with our practical training.

To that end we have a partnership with NauticEd.

NauticEd provide a fully-on-line based system of learning sailing theory. Not only are all their courses online (including on your device) but your sailing logbook is also cloud-based. There’s no more losing of your logbook and having to start again. And it’s available for life.


How NauticEd Works

When you book your course, you will be sent a login to the NauticEd system. Before joining your Sailing Virgins course, you work through a series of lessons and exams. As a guide the beginner series of courses takes around 20 hours of study-time, and the intermediate series (to Bareboat Charter Master) takes around 40 hours.

Sailing Resume

The NauticEd approach involves building your “sailing resume”. Most people obtain sailing certifications in order to charter their own boat. While certifications are important, it’s not all the charter companies look for. A sailing resume, combining your logbook with your certifications, is something charter companies love. This is where NauticEd excels.

If you’re starting out with zero sailing experience whatsoever, you can get started on the theory today. Click here for two free courses to get you started.

If you know how to sail and have done a course or two and want to level up your skills, you can get pre-recognition.