7 days
Raiatea, French Polynesia, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Easy, Medium

This 7-day fast-track Tahiti Catamaran Course combines world-class sailing instruction with an unparalleled level of comfort. 

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION ‘Uturoa, Raiatea Island (RFP), French Polynesia
RETURN TIME Saturday 9am
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, boating shoes, hat, rain jacket and sunscreen
Senior Instructor
Instructor:Student ratio typically 1:5
Air-conditioned Catamaran
Premium welcome kit
On-board accommodation
All docking fees
All local fees (eg. National Park, Search & Rescue, Customs)
Meals & drinks on board
Certification fees
Fuel cost
Food & drinks off the boat
Instructor gratuity (typically 10-20%)

Course Preparation

PREREQUISITES Covid 19 vaccination
No prior sailing experience required
ONLINE COURSE PREPARATION About 20 hours, course material will be provided after booking your course.
up to two ASA levels (from 101-106, and 114)

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for them:

Tell me more about the Sailing Virgins instructors

A sailing academy is only as good as its instructors. Therefore we have the highest standards in the world for instructor selection. To be a Sailing Virgins instructor, as well as requiring certification to Royal Yachting Association standards (which are widely known to be the best in the world), a candidate also needs to have the following:

  • At least two ocean crossings
  • At least two seasons as skipper/lead skipper/instructor for The Yacht Week

For more information about Sailing Virgins instructors, check out our instructor page here.

How does a Tahiti Catamaran Course differ from a Premium Catamaran Course and the Intermediate Course?

Until we created the Premium Catamaran Course, our Intermediate Catamaran Course was the best in the industry. Now, the Tahiti Catamaran Course combines features of the two, making for a super-social, world-class sailing course in paradise. Here’s a comparison of the original courses:

Features Normal
Sailing Virgins
Sailing Virgins
Boat Age >10 years <5 years <2 years
Boat Build South African/
French French
Food & Wine Basic Normal Premium
Welcome Kit No No Yes
TripAdvisor Recommended No Yes Yes

The Tahiti Catamaran Course combines the Premium with the Intermediate Catamaran Courses. A new boat, coupled with premium food & wine, and 1-2 senior instructors (depending on student numbers), makes for a whole new way to learn how to sail.

Should I choose a Catamaran or a Monohull?

It depends what you are after. Catamarans are more comfortable, and generally faster and more stable. However if you like the visceral feeling of the boat heeling (tipping over) and like pointing upwind, you can’t beat a monohull. We have written more about this on our Catamaran versus Monohull page.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Everything we do is online, from the Terms & Conditions to our Crew Forms to our Waiver. We like to keep things as simple as possible for you (and us)!

Further questions? Email us.


Additional information

MonthsFebruary, June, July

Day 1 – Saturday

‘Uturoa Marina,Raiatea Island. Meet at ‘Uturoa and be introduced to the boat and your instructors. Today is a day to get used to new surroundings.

Day 2 - Sunday

To Apu Bay. We begin what will be the typical start to the day: morning exercises, meditation followed by breakfast. After breakfast we will work through sailing theory. Then, conditions permitting, we will sail to Apu Bay, in the south end of Taha’a, and have dinner at the Taravana Yacht Club.

Day 3 - Monday

To Point Raititi. After morning exercises, meditation and breakfast, we settle into sailing theory, then have our first sail for the day. Today we sail 4 hours west northwest to Pt. Raititi, Bora Bora, which is known for its spectacular snorkelling and freediving. The afternoon is spent enjoying the surroundings and relaxing in paradise.

Day 4 - Tuesday

To Bora Bora Yacht Club. Meditation, then morning exercises followed by breakfast – the best way to start the day. Today, after morning sailing theory, we sail around Bora Bora, ending up at the Bora Bora Yacht Club for dinner.

Day 5 - Wednesday

To Ha’amene Bay, Tahaa. With everyone in the groove of morning exercises, we look for an opportunity for a pre-breakfast beach explore. Following breakfast we work through sailing theory, then sail around to the lovely Ha’amene Bay, which winds into the center of Taha’a Island. We may elect to have dinner on the boat tonight.

Day 6 - Thursday

To Fa’aroa Bay, Raiatea. Morning exercises, breakfast, then sailing theory. The sailing today takes us south, to the island of Raiatea, in a steep-sided bay called Fa’aroa Bay. In the afternoon we can explore the Aopomau River by dinghy.

Day 7 - Friday

To Opoa Bay, Raiatea. After our morning exercises and breakfast we do a final theory summary for the week, answering any questions that may be on people’s minds. Then we sail south to the historically significant Opoa Bay, said to be the staging port for Polynesian explorers sailing towards New Zealand.

Day 8 - Saturday

Early on the last morning (Saturday) you will sail back to ‘Uturoa, Raiatea Island. Your course finishes before midday on Saturday. You will receive your final debrief. You are now a Sailing Virgins Alumni!
If you’d like to read what others say about Sailing Virgins, click here to check our reviews on TripAdvisor. We have a perfect track record!

tahiti map


2019 Lagoon 52 Catamaran

Your catamaran is a 2019 model Lagoon 52 or its nearest equivalent. Designed and built in France, the Lagoon 52 provides excellent sailing and on-board comfort.

The catamaran includes:

  • 6 cabins
  • Sleeps 14
  • Bed linens
  • 6 heads
  • Central galley area
  • Swim platforms

The layout of the Lagoon 52 six-cabin is shown below:

lagoon 52 layout

Typical cabins look like this:


The Lagoon 52 with guests swimming

lagoon 52

2020 Bali 4.1 Catamaran

The Bali 4.1 is a new catamaran, perfectly suited to cruising the waters of French Polynesia.

Sleeps: 10
Double-cabins: 4
Toilets: 3
Showers: 3
Gennaker: yes
Watermaker: yes

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