Croatian Sailing School and Academy for Classes and Courses

In many ways, Sailing Virgins is a product of the incredible sailing that Croatia has to offer, as several of the SV instructors met whilst working there. Based out of Split, Sailing Virgins is like a Croatian sailing school but offers a world-class experience in boats we love to sail and accreditation with the American Sailing Association.

Sailing Courses for all levels

All our sailing classes begin and end on the Dalmatian coast, most often in the town of Split. Whether you have never sailed before or are a salty old racer keen to pick up cruising skills, we will be able to look after you. 

Beginner sailing courses take you through the fundamentals of sailing and assess you to the levels of ASA 100 and 103. Intermediate sailing courses give you the skills necessary to captain your own boat and assess you to the level of ASA 104. You will need an ASA 101 as a prerequisite if you would like to do the intermediate course. Advanced sailing courses are more for people who would like to work in the industry, and assess you to ASA 106. You will need an ASA 104 as a prerequisite for the advanced course.

Regardless of level, sailing in Croatia is fun, challenging, and has an apres-sail scene that is legendary (if you haven’t heard of Hvar yet, you are in for a treat).

Different to your typical Croatian sailing school

Our sailing courses are designed for people in their 20s and 30s. The median age for a Sailing Virgins student is the early 30s, with a roughly even split of guys to girls.  Sailing classes happen in a one-week fast track format, with 4-5 students paired up with an instructor on a boat, and living aboard for the course. 

Places visited in Croatia

A Croatian sailing week will take you around some of the main islands of the Dalmatian coast, including Hvar, Brac, Vis, and Korcula. These are islands where little has changed since the Austro-Hungarian empire built villages hundreds of years ago. It is wonderful to tie the boat to a town dock, then walk across to a cafe for drinks at the end of a day of sailing.

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