If you have signed up for a course or passage with us we are going to need some information for customs, immigration, medical issues and dietary requirements.  Please fill in the crew forms below and press submit.  There are three sections and three “submit” buttons and a good reason for this.  The passport information will be used to check in and out of ports.  The medical information will be printed and placed in a sealed envelope, which will then be placed in the first aid kit.  This will then be destroyed after the course/journey and deleted from the server.  The food information will be used when provisioning to ensure you eat well!

    Passport Details

    Please ensure your passport has at least six months validity on it as many ports require this. Please also make a copy of your passport and use a free service such as Evernote to store it in the cloud. We love Evernote! It’s a great place to electronically store all your documents if you are moving around a lot.

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    Medical Questionnaire

    This is where we need to know information that can be a bit awkward to share. But it is necessary. On any offshore passage if anything goes wrong you will be happy that you shared your medical information with us. This information we treat with respect. It will be kept on board in a sealed envelope and only used when necessary. At the end of the voyage we will hand you the envelope back or destroy it ourselves. In the case of a real emergency, the information you give us can save your life.



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    Have you ever been treated for alcohol or drug abuse?*

    Do you have any allergies?*

    Do you have, or have you ever had: diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, migraines, asthma or lung disease, any significant back, knee, foot or leg problems, or any other diseases or problems? *

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    Happy to eat [decent!] vegetarian food?

    Are you ok to drink almond milk or would you prefer cow's milk? Or both are fine?

    Can you eat fish?

    Favorite Snacks

    Do you drink alcohol?


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