Catamaran Courses at Sailing Virgins

If you are looking for a catamaran course, look for one in paradise. Sailing Virgins offers dedicated catamaran courses (aka cat courses)  in the Virgin Islands, Croatia and now Tahiti.

Beginner catamaran courses will take you through the fundamentals, sufficient to turn you into a handy crewmember on any sailing trip. Intermediate catamaran courses will teach you the skills required to charter your own catamaran. Sailing Virgins is an ASA-accredited school (ASA = American Sailing Association). This means you will earn an internationally recognized captain certification through this course.

While the fundamental principles of sailing apply to both catamarans and monohulls, there are a few differences that we focus on during a cat course. Three of note are:

  1. Increased windage of a catamaran: without a keel, and with a very large cross-section, catamarans behave very differently to monohulls, particularly in a marina on a windy day. This course will present you with the skills to negotiate more difficult marina situations so that you dock like a boss.
  2. Dual engines on a catamaran: catamarans have dual screws, which enable a much wider degree of control when maneuvering than an equivalent monohull. This course takes you though tips and tricks to maximising fuel efficiency and avoiding putting your boat into precarious situations.
  3. Tacking, gybing skills for catamarans: given their far lighter relative weight to monohulls, catamarans lack the inertia that monos typically use to take them through a tack. As a result, there are specific catamaran skills that can be applied to tacking and gybing, particularly in a man-overboard (MOB) recovery situation.

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