Captain Courses – Why Sailing Virgins?

If you are looking to do a captain course for sailing, you may wish to consider the following points:

What is the reputation of the sailing school you are considering?

Check out reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor and Google. Rather than be told by the sailing school that they are great, find out from the students themselves. Sailing Virgins is the highest rated sailing school in the world according to all of the major review platforms.

What is the average age of your fellow students?

You will be spending a week living with strangers – it can help things greatly if you have a similar mindset on things as seemingly small as music. Furthermore, the friends you can gain in such a week can last a lifetime, so you want to increase your chances that they are “your people”. Sailing Virgins is the only sailing school in the world that is dedicated to the 20s-30s age group. 

What sort of style does your sailing instructor adopt?

If you are looking for a captain course, you are wanting to become a great captain. You want to be sailing with people who can teach you the people skills as well as technical skills. All Sailing Virgins instructors have at least two seasons working for The Yacht Week, which “sorts the sheep out from the goats” with regards to people skills. Oh and the basic requirement for a Sailing Virgins instructor is two ocean crossings, so your instructor knows their technical game as well as anyone.

Where is the best place to do a course?

If you are planning on spending a week of your life to become a sailing captain, you may as well do it where you can dive straight off the boat into crystal clear water, and where the weather is always warm. Sailing Virgins runs its courses in the Caribbean, Croatia and Tahiti, all places that fit this description.

What is the certification that is required for a sailing captain?

Sailing Virgins is accredited with the American Sailing Association (ASA), so the qualification you need to gain to be a sailing captain is the ASA 104. Provided you have your ASA 101 as a prerequisite, you can learn all the necessary theory and skills to sit the 104 test in one of our fast track seven-day courses.

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