Adventure Sailing Courses

Full-on Adventure Sailing, Plus Qualification

Are you looking for some real adventure, while picking up world-class sailing instruction? Look no further than our Adventure Sailing Courses. Whether you have never sailed before or are a salty veteran, the only prerequisite is a strong sense of adventure. We offer two types of courses, both of which allow you to level up your sailing qualifications:

  1. Island Adventure Course– sailing between islands in the Caribbean, the Island Adventure is a great way to sample ocean sailing, yet offers the ability to seek shelter behind Caribbbean Islands, plus enjoy adventures on land.
  2. Blue Water Adventure Course – for those with a particular need for ocean sailing adventure, this has you sailing from the Caribbean to the US east coast via Bermuda. This is full-on, blue water sailing, where we sail for days (and nights) without seeing land, navigating by the stars.

Here is some more information about each course.

1. Island Adventure Course

Three years ago, Sailing Virgins pioneered this category of sailing course. The Island Adventure has you sailing for seven days between islands in the Caribbean. It mixes medium-length legs (of around 6-12 hours in duration) with on-land adventures, such as climbing to the Boiling Lake on the island of Dominica. Click here for more information about the Island Adventure Courses.

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2. Blue Water Adventure Course

In 2019 we will be launching our Blue Water Adventure Sailing Course. This course is aimed at those who want a taste of true oceanic sailing, and for others who would like to gain the sea miles to further their sailing qualifications. The first week sails from the Virgin Islands to Bermuda, covering some 900 nautical miles, sailing through the famed Bermuda Triangle. The second week sails from Bermuda to New York city, covering 650 nautical miles.

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As well as getting familiar with day- and night watches and keeping the log updated, students will cover celestial navigation, using the sextant each day to run sights and estimate the boat’s position. Click here for more information about the Blue Water Adventure Course.

World Class Instruction

According to TrustPilot, TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook reviews, Sailing Virgins has the best reputation for instruction in the business. This is largely due to the calibre of our instructors. Read more about them here.

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