Advanced Course

ASA 105 and ASA 106

If you want to take your sailing to the next level, where you can confidently sail at night, in bad weather and further offshore, then the Advanced Course is for you. This ASA 106-level course provides you with the knowledge and skills to begin working in the industry as a professional skipper.

The Advanced course will earn you your ASA 105 and 106 levels. The 105 is a coastal navigation course, where you are sent coursework that is completed prior to your joining us. The 106 is a practical course, where you go through the requisite skills and knowledge during your week with us.
The prerequisites for the Advanced Course is an ASA 104 certificate (which is earned during your Intermediate course with us, or you can earn it elsewhere).
Yes you do. Regardless of how much you know, if you don’t work sailing boats every week, you will always learn from someone who does this for a living. We promise! It is often experienced sailors who are the most blown away by how much they learn on even an Intermediate course.
Yes, you need to have your STCW and ENG-1 medical certificate, in order to work professionally.
STCW is a week-long series of short courses. The ENG-1 is a medical examination which must be undertaken by an ENG-recognised doctor. Both of these are outside our scope. We recommend you googling STCW courses and ENG-1-ready medical centers near you.
You can certainly apply to the Quarterdeck Skipper Academy with your ASA 106 certificate, which is the necessary precursor to working for The Yacht Week. We are not able to guarantee you will pass the Quarterdeck Academy. That is up to you, grasshopper.
The 106 teaches the same skills as the RYA Coastal Yachtmaster, so is considered the equivalent.
You can book right now on the course page, or if you have any further questions, ask Irene and she will get back to you with answers.